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ADA or Cardano : astrology


I’m practicing astrology and financial astrology. In this thread I am going to analyze Cardano or ADA.

For reference I am using 23 Sept, 2017 11:45PM in Zug Swizterland.

r/astrology - Financial astrology: ADA or Cardano


This is the transit chart for Cardano on Jan 3 2021. One of the good things about this crypto currency is is it’s natal North Node in 2nd house, also, by judging on this days transits and the massive move it makes next I am going to place a lot of importance on it’s 4th house placements, Jupiter and Sun.

r/astrology - Financial astrology: ADA or Cardano

Oct 17th 2021

I pulled multiple months throughout the year including June (which will also be decent but nothing like around October). Now, in mid Oct you can once again see all of the positive Sun/ Jupiter/ Saturn and Uranus aspects towards the end of the year.

Something else I noticed in the natal chart is the 9th house placements, MC is in the 9th. North node and MC are in solid places for the expansion of value IMO.

Based on the astrology of this crypto (and BTC) I believe we will see a decent run in June and then another massive growth period again towards the end of the year.


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