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Fourth House & Tenth House


Hello, how are you all?

Last week I wrote a post about the Nodes, and since I enjoyed sharing it, added to the fact that it received a lot of support, it seemed a good idea to share with you a little of what I understand about the philosophy behind these emblematic houses.

In the readings of astral charts, there are usually “more observed” houses than others. In general, this is because they mostly reflect the vital longings to which we are focused on.

Success, money, love, health … Most consultations revolve around these firsts, and I will not judge if that is right or wrong. However, I am going to take the freedom with this small text to expand the mind a little, diving in other readings that, consequently, derive in a contribution of greater general understanding.

Undoubtedly, one of these houses that have not been understood is the “mysterious IV House”, and I say mysterious, since it is the only of the four angles of the chart (I-IV-VII-X) that by being “underground” does not have freedom, in theory, to go outdoors and see the other angles. The Ascendant (the sun ecliptic is in the east), the Descendant (the arrival of the sun ecliptic from the west), or even the Midheaven (as the same name indicates it, being the highest and most visible point of a whole chart, with the sun in the north of the ecliptic).


But, then, if this house is the famous “underground point” that we read in all the texts of the titled “modern astrology”, and that is under the earth, under our feet… Why does it cost so much to explain how it works and what is it?

It’s the home of the parents, says tradition and modernity. The family, home, roots … therefore, understanding this as the interiority that gives us a shelter, explains the analogy with our “deep interior”.

Probably, this is all the information you can find about IV house, with some difference between texts. But reality goes much deeper than this. There is a reason that underlies the significance of “the house of the family”.

It is the home of the parents and the family because, in fact, the IV house indicates, in a more general context “the origin of the matter, the origin of the subject and, the origin of the thing in itself”.


In any natal chart we study, the IV house is always the “root” that originates that chart. It could be said that it is “the cause” by which that chart begins to exist. In the case of nativities (people), the “root” of the thing (or person, rather) will obviously be their parents.

On the other hand, in the case of an “action”, or an “event”, this house gives us information about the “invisible” causes (remember, the IV house is under the ground, below us) that originated that event (mundane astrology, elective, etc). This deploys an unsuspected range of possible interpretations to eventual charts.

Why does this happen? Generally, the inquiry of the causes (always invisible), is not something common within the current of people, since they deal with the facts since the time they appear and manifest (house I) until seeing the value that this reach, for the good or the bad (house X). But they rarely touch the “origin” and cause of them (unless there is passion for research, or it is a more introverted individual).

The causes are usually “invisible”, understanding this term simply as “not so obvious to the eye”. That is why the “origin of the thing” corresponds to the house IV, the only angle that is underground, “under horizon” (house X = middle sky, sun reaching the highest point of the north, understanding the analogy with those actions that are seen and recognized socially and personally, versus the house IV = under sky, sun reaching the lowest point of the south, understanding the analogy with those causes that are not seen or recognized, that are hidden and, to reveal them, you will have to penetrate more insightful).


“Translation: Sunrise – Twilight – Horizon – Twilight – Sunset”.

It is from this point (IV), where the sun begins again to ascend in the firmament (from a geocentric point of view). As well as the “Medium Coeli” (X) is the point that the sun occupies at noon, in the middle of sunlight (north), the “Imum Coeli” (IV), is the point to which the sun arrives at midnight, In full darkness (south). At the lowest possible point of the sun, we find the rise of the night and, it is from there, after touching the IV, that our sun begins its ascent, slowly, at a speed (in astrological terms) of a house every two hours, approximately. Therefore, if at midnight we have it at the top of the IV, at two o’clock in the morning, approximately, will arrive at the III, at four we will have it in the II, and continuing this beautiful circle, we will find it, between six and seven, entering a new angle, the Ascendant, crossing the horizon, and raising radiant by the east, at dawn.


”Translation: Sunset – Sunset – Horizon – Cenit”

Since the sun begins its “ascent” (seen from Earth) after being descending in heaven, from the previous noon, the cusp of the “IV”, the place from which the sun begins its “ascent”, indicates “the origin of the thing”, that is, the root of its “conception-birth” (person, animal, event, Institution, process, or whatever we are evaluating astrologically).

In one person, for example, this house will give us information about their parents (the male preferably), the home of this person, if it has a property (as could be a farm), even if it has “buried treasures”, as the ancients said. It will even give us information about the “conditions” in which it was procreated.

How was conception? Was it with love? Was a desired son or not? What kind of male parent does it have?

In describing the circumstances of conception, I refer to whether the person was intentionally conceived or not intentional, with love or without love, under violence and unbridled desires, or under more sensual and placid spirits, at peace or war, with deception / honesty, with hopes or sadness, with optimism or with melancholy, if there were feelings of hate, pain, or joy, etc. That is, judging from the sign of IV, its regent planet, the sign that occupies the regent planet, the aspects it performs, or the present planets (in case of having them), will serve to deduce such conditions, which were the “qualities” present in conception (IV), which would later give rise to birth itself (I).

All this can be seen at IV. Very valuable information, because at the end of the day, it is about that IV, the root, the origin, of which the whole astral chart rises, being its support…And a building with a weak support, unless it is solved, it comes down.

Sadly, as human, we are a superficial species, and we judge by appearances. We start looking at the visible and the obvious (Ascendant, the birth, the thing begins to “be”), then the X (the actions and the results), VII (everything that is opposed to one, the different thing, others, what one does not recognize about itself and projects in another), VIII (which generates crisis and trauma), IX (motivations in life), etc. But, seeing behind appearances, we should observe the IV, the “origin”. Where do I come from? Why am i here? What causes do they originate me? Let’s see…


If we follow the sun cycle from midnight, located at the cusp of IV, then passing at dawn (the cusp of I), noon (cusp of X) and, finally, at sunset (cusp of VII), we observed that this cycle returns again to the initial starting point, the IV, to be repeated again and again.

We see then that IV takes more depth, since it is not only the “origin”, but also “the end of the matter”, as a poetic significance of the cyclic that this universe is, and that all cause will have an equal and proportional reaction that It is balanced in the same cause. “The Eternal Return”.


The theologians of all time, especially within more archaic religions than Judaism or Christianism, have always maintained the notion of “eternity” and that the fate of the universe is to return to the cause that originates it. Thus, after such an implosion, a new “Big Bang” would be generated again, by calling it in an understandable way. Where do we come from, and where are we going? From IV to IV.

Sometimes, by showing “the end of the matter”, it is confused with the VIII, of death, and it is a big mistake. VIII, because of its aspect of disconnection with the Ascendant (150 °), which indicates is the “crisis”, the trauma that “breaks” (so to speak), which is meant and represented by the Ascendant in the corresponding chart. The “circumstances”, the type and shape of that crisis, the type of death (both symbolic and literal). Is describing me, more or less, symbolically, the kind of death that I am going to face, both symbolic and literal (in all crises, a part of us irremediably dies, as well as we will literally die as human beings). How will death be? How will the crisis be that, irremediably, will put an end to whatever is symbolized by this astral chart? That’s the house VIII.

Instead, IV has a more “posthumous” meaning. The IV is what “remains after death,” is the house of tombstones and epitaphs, it is the memory that we leave in the world, the good or bad fame, the good or bad memory, the legacies, etc. The X (his opposite) refers to the actions we develop in life, our profession, our good or bad fame (in life), our power, our charges and honors. In IV, we find what remains of all that after death, the memory that remains in the world.

The underlying philosophy here is the following: “The origin of what we are” determines a strong relationship with “what we will leave posthumously”.

As we have said, the IV not only shows the end of the matter, but the origin. Perhaps, based on the intention with which we give rise to our acts (perverse or kind), we cannot get different results than, indeed, the ones we obtain.

Carutti, in his books where he talks about the Ascendant, makes interesting explanations about the game between the houses that make up the “dark” triangle (XII-IV-VIII), as “key” houses for the manifestation of what is commonly known as “Ascendant”.


To summarize the idea, the concept behind this has the IV as a “base” of this dark triangle (because it is the only angle of these three). The quality of IV has to be in “open conflict” with the quality of the Ascendant, so that from there (from the root) generate the tension needed as a precondition for any manifestation.

We live in a dual universe, and for things have a movement in its existence, there must be different degrees of qualities. In order for the air to rise, there must be different temperatures, and so that the ocean currents circulate, there must be masses of hot and cold water in interaction. Having those simple principles in mind, and not to make the thing very complicated, the Ascendant reflects a “quality” of the being, and the IV (the cause of its existence) has to do “tension”.

To build a high building, I must first dig in the opposite direction. So that something is manifested, there must be a “vacuum” that forces that manifestation, which does the required level of tension

Let’s give an example, to understand: Suppose that I decide to act (house I) “in the manner of Virgo”, that is, analytically, retailer, criticism, totally ordered, schematized and discriminating, separating things in their parts and ordering them according to a scheme . That’s Virgo, that’s act “in Virgo’s way (Virgo Ascendant)”. But why do I act like this? Just because? No.


Principle of “cause and effect”. Everything has a cause that justifies it.

What can force me to be “retailer, critical and discriminator”? It can be a mess. I have to fix a mess, or shape something that is abstract.

If we see the natural zodiac, the IV of Virgo is Sagittarius. The adventurer and expansive Sagittarius. Sagittarius is that unlimited horizon of optimistic possibilities. Excess, and led to an extreme, leads to waste. The infinite and benevolent expansion, of the adventurer that accepts all the experiences and risks of life, irremediably will have to be set to “discriminate” and “evaluate things in more detail”.

What I am trying to say is that if i “express Virgo” is because there is an empty space for that quality to have its reason. Express Virgo (generate an order) can only occur if a disorder or an excess of expansion (Sagittarius) was previously generated, or even a waste.


That is, we have “causes” (IV, origin of the thing) that mold our character (Ascendant) as “effects” of that thing. If I in life I learned “Virgo”, and I began to radiate the quality “Virgo”, it was because there was a “Sagittarius” cause that forced myself to learn “Virgo”. I can understand this at a general level, as the term of a human life. The Ascendant in Virgo, that is, the people who life takes them for situations in which they are pushed to act “Virgo”, is because in their IV they have Sagittarius. At the origin and cause is “Sagittarius”.

They are people who in their childhood, and family of origin, their root and support -Sagittarius- they knew the abundance and carefree situation of unlimited types of resources (whether affective, material, social, etc), and that, for a certain reason or circumstance, that “unlimited resource” (Sagittarius) was exhausted. Then, life forces that person to “discriminate” to obtain those resources that are now more scarce. This is how the “transfer” of IV is performed in Sagittarius towards a Virgo Ascendant

If I begin to “move, act and think in a totally Sagittarius way,” during 24 hours a day, what is it that I am generating as a consequence? Virgo. I’m going to believe in any idea, and I’m going to confuse ideas with truths, which is the excess of Sagittarius. I could only get out of a situation like that if I attend the details and discriminate between such ideas (Virgo). That is, discriminate between what is a truth and what is a theory, since the excess of Sagittarius, leads to disorder, to waste, and the dissipation of energies. That is why it is necessary that the “Virgo” quality appears, to discriminate, save, clean, criticize, analyze, plan, etc.

Seeing it more abstractedly, in the ideal “Zodiacal matrix”, if we have a sign of fire in the IV, there is a sign of earth in the Ascendant. The consequence of all “fiery enthusiasm” (fire in IV) is down to reality (earth in I), sooner or later. At another elementary level, we see that if I put a sign of fire in the Ascendant, I will have in IV a water sign. That is, to generate an impulse, “something differentiated” of the rest, there must be a previous matrix or symbiosis. So, that something different from the rest can be born, it was necessary to have a matrix that shelters it first.

There are rare cases of people with connected signs (via trine) between the I-IV, that is, the same element in both of them (example, Ascendant Gemini and IV in Libra), but most of us have signs in square between these angles (tension). Seen here, the IV has that quality. Through its condition of “cause”, it presents the contrary and conflict qualities in relation to that of the Ascendant (are signs that are in Square). Thanks to this tension, it allows the quality of the Ascendant to emerge as “consequence”.


Regarding the X, something similar happens, since although it is better known within the astrological world, its deep meaning is less evident in sight. The main meaning of the X in a chart, is the representation of the “actions” that a person carries out (in the Nativities). In particular, the most important action we will take in this life. The profession, our career, is only part of the “actions” in life, but not the only one.

For this, we need to understand what an action represents itself. We could define an action as an openly deliberate act, with a superior purpose to the sum of everyday activities we do. It has more relationship with the term “companies”, without meaning the “companies” in its aspect and economic conception.

Start a judicial litigation, carry forward a collection for people victims of an earthquake, a marriage, hitting a neighbor for his damn reggaeton music, playing an instrument during a certain amount of daily hours, and a long etcetera. All “acts” emanating from a conscious and deliberate decision. All have a specific purpose, which would not otherwise obtain.

In a way, it could be said that it has some importance or transcendence in the area it represents within our lives. The acts we do in society and have a certain nobility, from our point of view at least, are actions. Our profession and everything is encompassed within it, too, is an “action”, since through the profession we “act” in the social gear. Generally within the “actions” we involve part of our interest on the other, and it is precisely the X the one who dominates that area. The highest and most visible point of the chart.

That is, the point of maximum height of the sun on its apparent tour of the sky (geocentrically speaking) is nothing more and nothing less than the X (Midheaven). That is why there is always a common link between the actions, with the figure of the Sun (the king of this discipline) and the Midheaven (the highest and visible point). Honors and achievements, encompassing within the same point and category (for this, the tradition recommended that if we wanted a good term within our “actions”, it is expected that both the Sun, the Midheaven and its Regents were located in good condition).

Instead, take out the dog, go to the bathroom, cut the grass, cook, travel, read at free time, converse with my neighbors, etc, have a greater link with the “habits” proper, with the common, usual and routine, which shape our personality. Even walk fast, or slow, the way of speaking, gesturing with hands, eating, dressed…All “customs” related to the Ascendant and its Regent.

Another difference between customs and actions, fall on the ease or naturalness with which we live them. The first refers to an almost intrinsic routine for us, while the second demands a greater effort and concentration, since they are not only sporadic in relation to habits, but openly escape our customs, and demand an “added value” by our part (Although people will remember us for actions, since it is the spot of the sun’s highest elevation in the chart).


We only have to clarify a single misunderstanding. The myth that the house IV is the mother, comes from the false conception that the house and the sign are the same. Then, as cancer is the number four, the house IV and cancer are the same (the mother). It is a set of confusions and intermingled concepts, which then gain force of belief and filter any observation.

In a house it can be the mother who embodies the “authority”, and not the Father, as well as the opposite. So, who is the most influential progenitor? It turns out that the father left the house and the son inherits the features and character of him, despite living alone with the mother. Who is the “influential” one?

The father is the bearer of the seed, is the one who projects the initial force. The mother is the one that manifests and gestures life, the form (initial force and form that gestures, in Aristotelic terms). Thus, analogically, the mystery of our conception embodies the pattern of our actions. That is, our actions and companies, our “acts” are related to the part that we manifest from us, the visible of what we do. Hence, the relationship of the X with the visible and indisputable parent…the mother.

Therefore, as we were manifested (mother), we manifest us, in the form of acts, companies and actions. The X, the visible one, is the mother. No one doubts that she is pregnant, and we can all see it and know it. Instead, the IV is hidden at first glance, as we have already mentioned (by being below the horizon line). This house represents the father, bearer of the seed, who in the eyes of the world, can be a mystery. Our underlying ideals, our designated part, is from the nature of the father, because it is the biological father outside the reflection of the internal father inside.

The astrological tradition says that the IV is the father, the lineage, the surname, the homeland, while the X is the mother. This has a subtle and implicit logic.

As we have already seen, the IV is the “underground corner” the point that is just below our feet, is the sky that is on the other side of the earth. Any planet that is in the IV (and below the horizon in general) will be “invisible”, while any planet that is on top of the horizon (especially in the X) will be visible … the “analog” consequences are obvious.

The X will be the progenitor “visible” and the IV will be the “invisible” parent. Recall that until DNA’s analyzes were invented (and remain a form of artificial verification), only the mother could assure (almost always) who was the real father. That is why the father is IV, that is, the underground corner.

The conception is something that is done “in the dark”, away from public looks (IV, insemination, male act) and therefore paternal. While pregnancy is public, it is easy to see a pregnant woman, and the X is applied to it, the most visible point of the chart.

For this reason, the X is the mother, and IV is the father. Anyone, to come to the world, needs a father who contributes the seed (the initial force), and a mother who holds on her belly (the form that gestures). And, until now nobody could overcome nature. Astrology does not depend on social conventionalisms.

There are very exceptional cases in which IV is the mother, but they are scarce. Jean-Baptiste Morin, one of the most recognized astrologers of all time, mentioned that being an angular planet (and more if it is in their own rulership or exaltation), not only fulfill the determination of that planet in that house, but about the general significance of the planet itself. In this way, if someone is born with a Cancer moon by IV, as the moon is the general significance of women and maternity, it could be a correct reference to the mother…But it should be corroborated with study of directions and revolutions in various areas.

Now, I would like to ask you something to all of you. Would you like to read a post only with examples? With many different charts? Vote in the comments and let me know what you think.

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