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Left eye vs right eye, which is weaker. : astrology


We believe in astrology, but underneath we all would like to see conclusive proof that it works. I set out with that quest, to find such a proof. As a background you have all read news, that google can tell that you will have a heart attack even before you know it, even before your doctor knows it. How? well they do it through machine learning or artificial intelligence. Just by collecting lots of data.

Now for topic of this post, some mathematical models over a few thousand horoscopes tell me this.

If you have planets in your 12th house you left eye is the weaker one, if you have a cluster of planets in your 2nd house then your right eye is the weaker one — very easy to verify!!

I tried this on just a few thousand horoscopes , seams 80% accurate. Why not more horoscopes? because I don’t know how to find more horoscopes and people willing to perform the experiment. There are 216K members in this group, I do hope many are willing to contribute towards growth of astro science.

I am not sure if this theory works when looking at a western chart, not tried it so I don’t know. But I have tested using Vedic chart. Incase you want to test it out , would be great to see your feedback.

You can make your vedic chart at Lagna360 , no cost , no advertisements, just research.

You can see for yourself, if you wear glasses and both eyes are not the same strength, you can see if your 12th has more planets or your 2nd house.


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